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Making Surgery Easier on You through Da Vinci Si HD Robotic Surgery Technology

Find out how your next surgery can potentially have you up on your feet and back to normal life quicker than conventional surgery. Da Vinci robotic surgery technology utilizes state of the art technology to that can speed your recovery.

Be sure and watch the informative video below.

What is da Vinci Surgery Technology?

Da Vinci Surgery technology is laparoscopic minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery. Da Vinci Si HD technology provides your surgeon with enhanced vision and control. Your surgeon has 100% control over the robotic-assisted device and allows a 3D HD view inside your body. This technology offers robotic endowrist® that can bend and move at a more excellent range of motion than a human wrist will allow. The side cart has four robotic arms and instruments attached. One holds the endoscope, a thin tube with a camera at the end, and the remaining arms' tools would be utilized to perform the surgery.

What is the benefit of da Vinci Robotic Surgery Technology?

Da Vinci Si HD technology provides your surgeon with the tools to perform a successful surgery and can enable you a quicker recovery.

  • Real-time hand movements from your surgeon.
  • Requires one or a few small incisions in the body.
  • Smaller incisions allow you to heal and recover quicker from your surgery.
  • Improved outcomes and can reduce the number of complications associated with your surgery.

What to Expect in the Surgery?

In your surgery procedure, the da Vinci Si HD technology is controlled 100% by your attending surgeon. Your surgeon will sit at the ergonomic console that houses the controls to the robotic instruments. The patient is placed in a nearby side cart for surgery. The surgeon will use the tool to make precise movements that the human hand cannot make.

If you want to learn more about how da Vinci robotic surgery technology could help you, reach out to discuss your options with your physician.