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Kyle Buchanan, President

Sherry Sands, RN, MSN, CPPS,
VP of Patient Services

Penny Westmoreland,
VP of Finance

Hospital Board

Front row, left to right

  • Ms. Belinda Carmichael
    Mr. Steve Hargrove
    Ms. Keller Thompson

Back row, left to right

  • Dr. Ryan Conner
    Mr. Larry Collum
    Mr. David Ruggles

Not pictured

Mr. Alford Boyd, Jr.
Mr. Andy Mann
Dr. Mark McIlwain
Dr. Josh Vacik
Dr. Aaron Karr
Dr. Larry Holcomb
Dr. Mark Smith

Northwest Alabama Health Care Authority Board

  • Mr. Alford Boyd, Jr., Chairman
  • Mr. Steve Hargrove, Vice Chairman
  • Melanie Huguley
  • Mr. Larry Collum
  • Dr. Jack McLendon
  • Mr. Tim Leigh
  • Mrs. Beth Pirtle
  • Mr. David Yarber
  • Doris Knox

Medical Executive Committee

  • Dr. Smith – Chairman
  • Dr. Melvin – Vice Chairman/CC Chairman
  • Dr. Vacik – Secretary & Peer Review Chairman
  • Dr. Thompson – DOM Chairman
  • Dr. Randall “Bo” Mansell – DOS Chairman
  • Dr. Snyder – OB/GYN Chairman
  • Dr. Blaylock – Anesth. Chairman
  • Dr. Dykes – Radiology Chairman
  • Dr. Strebeck – Pathology Chairman
  • Dr. McLendon – VP/MA
  • Dr. Thompson – Hospitalist Lead
  • Administration

Members at Large:

  • Dr. McCoy
  • Dr. Ridgeway
  • Dr. Thompson