Keller Infusion Center

Focused on providing a safe and comfortable treatment experience

The Infusion Center at Helen Keller Hospital is focused on providing a safe and comfortable treatment experience. The state-of-the-art center is located in a completely renovated space in the 1100 Professional Building on the Helen Keller Hospital campus. The center is easy to access directly from the ample parking lot. For added patient convenience, registration is on-site at the hospital, totally eliminating the need to enter the main hospital. The 1100 Professional Building features a covered patient drop off and pick up area only steps away from the center's entrance. The center features eight treatment suites, including private suites for those who prefer to nap or read while receiving treatments and a multi-patient social suite for those who like to chat and interact with other patients. Each suite is equipped with a television, comfortable infusion chairs, and seating for patient companions.

You can expect comprehensive, patient-focused care

At the Keller Infusion Center, our goal is to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible while providing you with the best of care. The Keller Infusion Center offers a wide array of treatment for osteoporosis, anemia, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, cancer, infections (antibiotics), and other conditions requiring infusion therapy. Orders from your physician, based on your diagnosis, will determine what type of infusion you receive. The Keller Infusion Center cares for adults, adolescents, and children over the age of six.

About our staff

The Keller Infusion Center is staffed by highly qualified nurses and support personnel, including a nationally certified oncology nurse. All of the center's nurses are trained in chemotherapy administration and all have certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

Are lab tests necessary?

Lab tests are often necessary before you start your scheduled treatment. Your physician will usually order these tests and perform them in their office. The Infusion Center is another option if lab tests are required. For blood transfusions, lab work is done at the hospital laboratory the day before transfusion. Having your labs drawn prior to your scheduled appointment will shorten your treatment time in the Infusion Center.

We will remind you of your appointment

One of our staff members will give you a phone call at least one day prior to your scheduled treatment to confirm your appointment date and time. Appointments are scheduled based on the time necessary for each patient's treatment. Out of courtesy for other patients, please make every effort to arrive promptly at your scheduled appointment time.

Preparation for your visit

Consider bringing your laptop, tablet, books, magazines, knitting, or other quiet diversions to pass the time. Temperatures fluctuate, so please dress comfortably, possibly in layers. You may bring a blanket or pillow if you like. A light sack lunch will be provided for those staying through the noon meal. You may also bring your own meal or snacks. Please bring any medications you are currently taking at home including any that you need to take while receiving your treatment. Please bring them in the original container. Bring any paperwork given to you by the physician for the nurse. A friend or family member may accompany you during your treatment.

Arrival at the Center

When you arrive at the center, you will be escorted to one of the center's comfortable suites. A nurse will check your vital signs, height, weight, and do a short medical history. At the beginning of each infusion visit, we will assess your condition to make sure it is appropriate for you to receive your medication that day. Be sure to let your nurse know if you have a cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms. You may take any of your home meds while here if you prefer to stay on your home routine. The rooms are spacious with a TV in each room. Wi-Fi internet access is available.

How long will my treatment last?

The length of time required to administer treatments will vary. Treatments for some conditions may require less than an hour, while others may require several hours. Your total treatment time will vary depending on the type of regimen you receive. Administering pre-treatment medications may add to your treatment time. We will make every effort to make your treatment time as short as possible. Always feel free to discuss any aspect of your infusion treatment with our staff.

When it's time to leave Keller Infusion Center

At the time of discharge, your nurse will provide you and your family with written instructions and any follow-up appointments scheduled. If you have any questions regarding the treatment you received at Keller Infusion Center, you may call 256-386-4759 during normal business hours.

Located inside the 1100 Professional Building, located on the campus of Helen Keller Hospital.
Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.