How does a Volunteer Serve at Helen Keller Hospital?


All persons who are interested in volunteering at Helen Keller Hospital must first fill out a volunteer application. After receiving the application, the Volunteer Coordinator will bring in applicants for a short interview. Before volunteering, applicants must have a TB skin test and brief orientation.

In order to remain active, volunteers must have a TB skin test every two years and yearly orientation.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Gift Shop Cashier
Patient Transport
Information Desk Staffing
Waiting Room Attendants
Community Relations Office
And more!

Benefits of Volunteering

Recognition levels - 100 hours, 500 hours, 1000 hours, every 500 increment thereafter.
A small complimentary drink from the Keller Café during work shift
A complimentary meal ticket for every four hour shift worked
Annual flu vaccine at no charge
TB screenings at no charge
Gift Shop Discount
Keller Wellcare Center Discount
And Much More!!!!

Becoming a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering at Helen Keller Hospital, simply fill out an application.

After your application is accepted, you will be called in for a short interview with the Volunteer Coordinator. You will need to have a two step TB skin test before you can begin volunteering.

Before You Volunteer Checklist
___ Application
___ Interview
___ TB test
___ Jacket & nametag
___ Confidentiality statement