Surgery Center Services in Sheffield, AL

At Helen Keller Hospital, we provide a variety of surgical services to meet the needs of patients dealing with a broad range of medical conditions. Whether your loved one needs immediate attention for an urgent issue or outpatient surgery for a routine procedure, we believe in the importance of efficiently treating each patient according to their needs.

With the help of the da Vinci Surgical System, our skilled surgeons can perform everything from complex gynecological and urological to general surgical procedures. The da Vinci SI minimally-invasive technology provides physicians with better vision, precision, and control than the human hand.

Outpatient Surgery

Also known as ambulatory or same-day surgery, Helen Keller Hospital provides outpatient surgery services for those undergoing minor and intermediate procedures. Without the need to stay overnight at the hospital, outpatient surgery allows for an at-home recovery. Made possible by minimally invasive procedures with reduced recovery times, outpatient surgery is one means of keeping quality healthcare affordable.

Located on the second floor of the hospital, the Keller Day Patient Center is used for patients who are not expected to need an overnight stay. Should circumstances change, the physician in charge of the procedure has the option of recommending that the patient stay in a room of the hospital. The surgery pavilion is a ground-level addition intended to streamline the treatment process.

Emergency Surgery

Some medical conditions are too time-sensitive for the standard process of scheduling surgery weeks in advance. Patients in need of an appendectomy or heart surgery are not always able to wait. At Helen Keller Hospital, we provide emergency services such as surgery for patients who need that level of intervention. With 50 percent more physicians and faster triage, we can quickly and efficiently assess the condition of patients and determine what kind of treatment may be necessary.

Day Patient Center

Thanks to advances in surgery and anesthesia, many patients may enjoy the convenience of outpatient surgery at Keller's Day Patient Center.

More than 2,300 surgical procedures, and pain management procedures, can be performed safely and comfortably on an outpatient basis.

Most patients who undergo procedures at the Day Patient Center will be allowed to return to their own homes the same day as the procedure. However, if your physician recommends an overnight stay, you can rely on all the medical resources at Helen Keller Hospital for your stay.

The Keller Day Patient Center is located on the second floor of the hospital.

Following is a guideline to use if you are scheduled for an outpatient procedure:

You must contact your physician if you come down with a cold, infection, fever or any other physical problem before your surgery. Be very careful to follow your physician's instructions about eating and drinking before surgery. If your physician did not give you instructions, then you must not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before your surgery. That includes water. Do not use any tobacco products after midnight. Do not put any gum, hard candy, or cough drops in your mouth after midnight.

On the day of your surgery or procedure, come to the Day Patient Center dressed in loose fitting clothes that will be comfortable to wear home. You will not need a robe, pajamas or slippers. Young children may want to bring a small favorite stuffed toy or blanket.

Remove all cosmetics, including fingernail and toenail polish before you come to the Day Patient Center. Do not wear contact lenses. Do not wear any body lotions or perfumes.

All valuables including jewelry, wigs, money, hair clips and contact lenses, should be left at home. The Day Patient Center is not responsible for lost valuables.

Your family may stay in your room with you before and after your surgery. During your surgery, your family will be asked to wait in our Day Patient Waiting Room, located just across the hall from the Day Patient Center entrance. With our advanced tracking system, your family will be given information so that they can watch the board in the Day Patient Waiting Room and know the status of your procedure during their wait.

Follow your physician's instructions. Take the medications and follow the diet ordered by your physician. Because nausea and vomiting may occur immediately after surgery, it may be recommended that you drink only clear liquids for the first four to six hours following your procedure.

If you experience breathing difficulties, excessive bleeding, fever or any other problems, call your doctor immediately.
After you go home, one of our nurses will call to check on you. If you have any questions at that time, please ask.

Please enter the Hospital through the Outpatient/Emergency Room entrance the morning of your surgery or procedure. Parking is available near this entrance.

For more information on the services of the Keller Day Patient Center, call 256-386-4145.

Thank you for choosing Helen Keller Hospital.