Respiratory Care

Highly trained, licensed, credentialed respiratory therapists are there for you in the Keller Cardiopulmonary Services Department. Providing routine and emergency care in the medical, surgical, emergency, and intensive care areas, the Cardiopulmonary Services staff is available 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.

Cardiopulmonary services include:

* EKGs - Electrocardiograms
* EEGs - Electroencephalograms
* Cardiac Stress Tests
* Pulmonary Function Tests
* Holter Monitors
* Oxygen Therapy
* Ventilator Management
* Aerosol Therapy
* Airway Management
* Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
* Chest Physiotherapy

Routine diagnostic procedures may be scheduled Monday through Friday. Procedures your physician may prescribe, include;

* Obtaining and Analyzing physiological specimens
* Performing cardiac and pulmonary stress tests
* Holter monitors
* Performing EEG studies
* Interpreting physiological data

For more information about Respiratory Care and Cardiopulmonary Services, please call (256) 386-4377.