For Immediate Release
July 11, 2016

Contact: Christa Martin, 256-386-4107

New Beds and Furniture for Helen Keller Hospital

Sheffield, Ala. - Helen Keller Hospital has had a makeover this year throughout the hospital. All new beds have been installed in the patient rooms. In addition to the new beds, all rooms have new over bed tables, bedside cabinets, recliners, and room chairs.

The new state-of-the-art Stryker beds are designed not only for a comfortable hospital stay for the patient, but are technologically advanced to assist in the patient's care while in the facility. The mattresses are designed to redistribute pressure and continue air flow, minimizing the chances of skin breakdown and bed sores. New birthing beds are tailor-made for the delivery room, providing the highest level of comfort and security for mother and newborn. The design of the bed promotes proper body mechanics to protect the patient from back strain and injury.

The new critical care beds are designed to prevent adverse events, with technology to reduce pressure ulcers, ventilator associated pneumonia, and patient falls, while also ensuring a positive patient experience. The controls are easy to use for the nurses, and the beds also offer wireless connectivity that can be integrated into the nurse call system. The critical care beds have a built in music therapy system that can be used to block out the noises of the ICU, calming the patient.

The Stryker S3 beds installed throughout the other patient areas have a special gravity based system that tracks the patient's position and notifies the care givers if the patient is at risk of falling. The BackSmart design helps reduce the need for constant patient repositioning when the head of the bed is raised or lowered. These beds also have wireless capabilities.

The new furniture in all rooms was chosen due to comfort, accessibility, and anti-microbial materials. This will provide a better experience not only for the patient, but for visitors and family members.

"Using the same equipment in every room will be an aid to our staff and help ensure the patients' safety," said Paul Storey, Helen Keller Hospital CEO. "This is an important step in improving patient comfort."