Keller Imaging Center

The Keller Imaging Center is a comprehensive diagnostic imaging center on the campus of Helen Keller Hospital. This independent facility offers abundant parking; spacious waiting rooms, reduced wait times, and faster test results. Whether you need a single x-ray or multiple diagnostic images from our Women's Imaging Center, our professional staff will get you through the exam comfortably and efficiently.

Keller Imaging Center is an all-in-one imaging center, covering every imaging exam your doctor may need to make an efficient diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Your needs are met with these technologies:

Open MRI - The Keller Imaging Center features a .7 Tesla GE open MRI that premises fast, accurate images with increased comfort for patients who may be hesitant to obtain a closed MRI. Higher definition MRI technology produces clearer, more detailed images of body structures from the most routine to the most challenging situations. The open format provides the highest level of patient comfort and peace of mind.
Multi-slice CT
Nuclear Medicine - Keller Imaging Center is equipped with a GE Infinia Dual Head Nuclear Medicine Camera. This state-of-the-art equipment allows diagnostic testing that primarily shows the physiological function of the area tested. Nuclear medicine imaging studies are generally organ or tissue specific. Nuclear medicine tests available at the Keller Imaging Center include, but are not limited to: bone scans, hida scans, renal scans, gastric emptying studies, lung scans, liver/spleen scans, and thyroid scans.
Women's Imaging-Women's Imaging operates like a separate facility, literally in the center of the Center. At check in, women seeking a mammogram, bone density test, or breast biopsy are directed to a private waiting area, allowing for a more comfortable and secure visit. Our dedicated staff knows how awkward these exams can be, but with the latest technologies and the assurance of knowing you are among professionals dedicated to women's health, your experience will be quick, comfortable, and convenient.
Digital Mammography - GE Senographe DS digital mammography provides you with leading-edge technology, which shortens your exam time to less than half the time traditional film-based mammograms require. With clearer, faster image results; 40% less radiation, less pain, and greater visibility of hard-to-image areas, you can rest assured that your exam is the best available.
Bone Densitometry - The Lunar Prodigy Densitometer determines your risk for developing osteoporosis. In one simple and painless exam, we can assess your risk and suggest guidelines to help you prevent a fracture (if necessary)
Stereotactic Breast Biopsy - This system precisely locates suspicious areas in the breast. It is a far less invasive procedure than traditional biopsies that require surgery. During this outpatient procedure, patients can sit up or lie on their side, greatly enhancing physical comfort.
Molecular Breast Imaging - The Keller Imaging Center is the first facility in the southeast to offer Molecular Breast Imaging utilizing GE Healthcare's Discovery NM 750b. Molecular breast imaging (MBI) offers a clearer picture for women with dense breast tissue. This allows detection of breast cancer at its earliest stage, which is critical to the success of treatment. MBI is used to supplement mammography, which remains as the primary and accurate screening tool in breast imaging.

Prior to the imaging, a short-lived radioactive tracer is injected into the patient's arm vein. Two ten-minute images are taken of each breast. Radiation levels from MBI are comparable to the dose that is delivered from one digital screening mammogram. If tumor cells are present, they absorb the tracer and illuminate on the image.

Helen Keller Hospital's Breast Health Program

At Helen Keller Hospital, your good health is at the heart of our mission. So, we've taken our program a step further and added the services of a Breast Health Specialist who serves as a bridge between patients and their care providers. With guidance and assistance from the Breast Health Specialist, patients can count on a timely and easy-to-understand communication of their diagnosis, treatment, options, and follow-up services. Best of all, they have access to an experienced, understanding professional who can answer questions and help reduce the stress of the uncertainty of their diagnosis as well as the stress of navigating the health care system.

Our Breast Health Specialist will
Educate patients about individual cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and financial implications.
Coordinate individualized care for each patient.
Promote communication among health care providers to achieve optimal outcomes.
Assist with prompt scheduling of appointments.
Provide emotional support to patients and their loved ones.
Follow up with patients continually throughout the treatment process.

Cassandra Seal, RN, is our Breast Health Specialist. She can be contacted at 256-386-5870 or at

Ask your doctor to refer you to Keller Imaging Center for your exam!
Exams are scheduled Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Call (256) 386-4150 for more information.