State-of-the-Art ICU Facility in Sheffield, AL

The Intensive Care Unit at Helen Keller Hospital features state-of-the-art equipment in every patient room so our healthcare providers can give attentive and all-encompassing care. Located on the third floor of the hospital, the ICU underwent extensive renovations in 2004 to increase patient and family comfort and to further enhance the quality of care available.

What to Expect in the ICU

The Intensive Care Unit, or ICU, is a wing reserved for patients who are critically ill and require a closer level of observation and monitoring. Patients transferred to the ICU are typically those whose condition is considered potentially reversible.

Patients in the ICU are usually hooked up to a bedside monitor that permits healthcare providers to observe the patients' vital signs continuously. ICU nurses have specialized training to provide care to critically ill patients.

Caring for Someone in the ICU

Having a loved one in the ICU can be a stressful experience for all involved. Here are some tips for effective communication and encouragement to help your critically ill loved one heal.

Speak calmly and clearly. You likely do not have to raise your voice, even if your loved one is on a ventilator. He or she can still hear you.

Offer words of hope and encouragement. Read aloud your loved one's favorite poems, stories, books, or religious passages.

Acknowledge their discomfort and remind them that their situation is only temporary. Tell them that they are making progress.

Use a board to communicate with patients who cannot speak.

Comfort your loved one with a gentle touch or hold his or her hand.

ICU Visitation

At Helen Keller Hospital, we want our patients to have full access to their support system while they are in critical care. Therefore, we maintain an open approach to visitation in the ICU, which is balanced with the need to control infection risk, patient privacy, and our ability to provide safe and competent care.

Each ICU patient may receive two visitors at a time, and one visitor during sleep hours, if the patient's condition warrants it. Please refrain from bringing outside food into the ICU, which can increase the risk of infection and inhibit patient recovery.

Upon admittance, each patient is assigned a unique password, which may be shared with his or her loved ones. Information and updates regarding the patient's condition can be obtained over the phone by loved ones who have the password. The password is only valid during the patient's current hospital stay.

For more information about the intensive care services at Helen Keller Hospital, get in touch with us today.