Helen Keller Hospital Foundation

The future of the medical profession faces many challenges. With your help, through the Helen Keller Foundation, Inc., our hospital will meet these challenges.

The Helen Keller Hospital Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Established in 2000, its purpose is to allow the hospital to continue to provide the most advanced healthcare possible to this community.


All gifts to the Helen Keller Hospital Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible and cumulative. Donations are accepted in the form of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, and memorial or tribute gifts. Donations may be unrestricted or directed for a specific purpose or area at the hospital. Notification is sent to the honoree or to the family, in the case of a memorial gift. No mention is made of the amount of the gift.

Contributors to the Foundation will be recognized with a display in the main lobby of the hospital.

The Foundation also offers sponsorship opportunities such as golf tournaments, auctions, dinner functions, etc. Corporations, organizations, and individuals are encouraged to participate in these Foundation fundraisers. Appropriate recognition will be awarded to these participants.

Recognition Levels:

Foundation Donor
Under $500
Foundation Friend
Foundation Patron
Foundation Fellow
Foundation Benefactor
Keller Circle

Giving is cumulative. Donors may make pledges toward any recognition level and arrangements may then be made with the Foundation Coordinator for contribution reminders to be sent monthly, quarterly, or annually until you reach your contribution goal. This plan enables donors to pay over a period of time, rather than in one lump sum. All gifts are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

You Can Make a Difference

No contribution is too small. Your contribution goes to Helen Keller Hospital to provide funding for patient services and programs, and to purchase lifesaving equipment so that we can continue to provide the best medical care possible for our patients.

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Helen Keller Hospital Foundation, Inc.
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